Which lockdown personality are you?

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We have all reacted differently to lockdown but some clear personality traits have materialised. There appear to be 9 front runners. Any of these sound familiar? It is possible to relate to more than one type.

The TikToker

This person will rope anyone into a dance. and not just one; it will be rehearsed to perfection before being shared across all their social channels.

Amateur Hairdresser

They’ve dyed their hair pink, shaved it all off, maybe both. The closure of hairdressers and barbers has seen many resort to taking scissors and clippers into their own hands, often with hilarious consequences.

Pub Quiz Host

The strangest thing about the Zoom pub quiz host is that he/she wasn’t all that sociable before lockdown. But now that socialising doesn’t involve getting dressed, or leaving the house, they can’t wait to get everyone involved over Zoom or Houseparty.

The Online Gamer

These guys spend the cash they’ve saved, by not going to the pub, on new gadgets like a Switch, have downloaded games like Sims or Animal Crossing, and spend days on end simulating relationships, and careers, in a covid free virtual world.

The Fitness Expert

These people have spent the last 7 weeks mastering the sun salutation, or turned their bedroom into a home gym, and they want everyone to know how great they are looking, how virtuous they feel, and aren’t afraid to self promote on Instagram. They’ve done the 5k challenge twice but quickly get bored and soon find themselves preoccupied with TikTok dances. The stop start cycle is relentless.

The Hobbyist

A popular bunch, they’ve bought watercolours, a sketch pad and fancy pens. Started a virtual book club. Downloaded Duolingo with the intention of finally learning Italian. Dusted off Mary Berry’s cookbook and made one, passable attempt at a Victoria Sponge. They’re keen to tell the whole world about their new self-isolation hobbies which absolutely no one, except their mums, care about.

The Gin Lover

They didn’t drink much before the lockdown but have since turned their kitchen into a mini gin distillery. The gin lover has a gin for all occasions and a tonic to match, they’ve even a set of matching gin goblets. Forget 6pm, with nothing to get up for, their self medication can start any time from lunchtime – well it’s always 6pm somewhere right?

Handling it surprisingly well

The enviable anomaly. They can’t understand what the lockdown fuss is all about. Instead they relish the extra me time and seize the opportunity to bury themselves in their umpteenth novel, chat to their plants and systematically work through their daily self care routines seemingly without a care in the world.

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