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Coconut Red Curry

Another quick and easy recipe for you to try. Again, you can adjust the chilli to suit your tastebuds, remove the seeds from the chilli if you want it a little milder.  There aren't too many ingredients making this a budget-friendly meal you can quickly rustle up. Ingredients  2 Chi...

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Managing your finances during the pandemic

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The economy has been hugely affected by the pandemic and as a result many people are, not surprisingly, worrying about their finances. Whether you’ve lost your job, have been furloughed, or are worrying about keeping up with payments, t...

Meet Mark!

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Food bloggers are some of our favourite people online; their endless foodie inspo is guaranteed to keep our repertoire of tasty meals fresh and exciting. With this in mind we’ve teamed up with food blogger, Mark Popkiewicz. Mark’s blog...

Being alone but not lonely – what to do while self-isolating

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The isolation period is well underway for many people. Finding fun things to do to keep your brain and body active may seem like an impossible task, but try not to despair, we’ve got some suggestions that just might help. The best thing...


Featured Image of 2020 HYELM AGM

The 2020 AGM is scheduled to be held on Saturday 25th April 2020 at midday. In view to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is our intention to hold this year’s AGM virtually by teleconference.  Holding the meeting in this way will remain in ...

How to stay safe while going outside

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The whole country is on lockdown, and the government have stated you can only leave your home for the following four reasons: Shopping for basic necessities, for example: food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible.One fo...

Working from home

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Thousands of people who don’t normally work from home will be now be doing it for the first time as a result of the ongoing coronavirus situation. Working from home is very different to working in your normal place of work – it’s all ab...

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